jfs_aussen_61906: first compulsory school in Kirchheim
1910: Kirchheim opened a vocational school including a business section
1950: Takeover the School Sponsorship for the vocational school
1955: the school moved to a different place with a new school building for a full-time vocational school. In the same year the full-time vocational school system was divided into schools with different levels of achievement
1971/72: The business Sixth form college was established. Besides, in 1972, the extension building work finished and part of the school moved into the new part with a new gym next door.
1979: A new type of business school (AS-Level) was introduced. A new building, a cafeteria and a library were added to the school.
1991: the school got its name „Jakob-Friedrich-Schöllkopf-School“
2015: Around 1170 students attend the school (more than ever)